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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some thoughts...

You can see that we like to write... I like learning. Model making is interesting because there is always something new to learn. There are many great model makers in the world. Most are self-taught. We are, as well, but I was lucky to have had a great-uncle whose models were incredible to learn from. My father was an engineer and his interest in miniatures helped to foster mine. I have always liked to see things in miniature. Not only boats... In fact, my first love, in model making, was with airplanes. There is something about being able to hold something in your hand that looks exactly like something very large. Perhaps it's some type of power trip. I don't know, but I have always loved miniatures of all types, from doll-house furniture to working model engines. We shared a table with a gentleman named Fred Lagnos recently during a book-signing. I know that he knows what I'm talking about. What he does is to take model train setups and with his great knowledge of light and photography he creates photos of them that look absolutely real. You might want to check out his book "Changes: A Model Railroad Comes To Life"

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